• 20190714 The Silk Roads 1000x563.jpg

    The silk roads will never cease to exist

    I was invited to coach Innokick’s Summer Academy, which has been taking place in China for the past four years. It triggered in my mind an analogy with the silk roads between China and Europe.
  • 20190510 Swiss Wine Day MW 1000x563.jpeg

    Swiss wine on tour in London 2019

    The Swiss vineyards are the size of the Alsatian (150 however they are more difficult than the later to find in London (UK), in part because of some ill informed misconceptions.
  • 20180421 Large format labels.jpg

    The price of a large format

    A large bottle is good format to keep the wine in the cellar, it's exceptional and beautiful to look at but it has a price: the price of the work of the craftsman who bottled it.