November 2018

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    Project management with people in mind

    Project management provides formal approaches to support participants in interdisciplinary and temporary projects.  But they are two important success factors in projects: goal setting and the human factor.
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    The price of a large format

    A large bottle is good format to keep the wine in the cellar, it's exceptional and beautiful to look at but it has a price: the price of the work of the craftsman who bottled it.

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    An ode to large bottles

    In a society where alcoholic beverages and good food are demonized while the real "evil" is most often the lack of self-listening, we propose to enjoy life with pleasure and measure.

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    Swiss Wine Gourmet 2017

    01-06-2017 - 30-09-2017
    Swiss Wine Promotion, the official promotional organisation for the promotion of Swiss wines, had been running a promotion named the Swiss Wine Week for the past three years.

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